Life has been oddly full recently, but I couldn’t excuse myself if I didn’t spread the word about a few things going on. The ‘Lit Happens’ show on which I appeared is now being broadcast on Shaw Tv.  You can check it out at Shaw TV’s YouTube channel, or go to channel 10 on regular […]

Well, that’s what it felt like. This week I recorded a segment for the ‘Lit Happens’ TV show with host Wes Funk and I was as nervous as hell.  Seriously; scared out of my wits.  I’ve never been comfortable with publicity or being in the public eye and have always preferred to remain ‘backstage’.  Someone […]

Okay, so, no blog posts for a while as I have been RUDELY busy with things.  Sorry about that, but honestly would you rather me write this or the next book?  No, really.  :-) Despite the ghastly and treacherous conditions on the roads (snow on ice; never a good mix), today was a good day […]

Getting the timing right… that’s a toughie. You see, things can’t just happen at random times or—put another way—be chronologically inaccurate.  To quote an example, yesterday, the missers and I were watching ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets‘.  It’s a great little movie, one of the better ones of the Harry Potter series.  It’s […]

It was never my intention to write a trilogy at all.  In fact, I saw the COAST espionage stories as a never-ending highway heading over the horizon.  There are fifteen TDR teams in the organization and each of them has both a past and a future.  There are so many stories which could be told, […]

Please forgive the unusually long silence between blog posts.  The whole thing with mum dying kinda threw a spanner in the works.  But no worries; I’m back on the bounce! Work on writing the sequel to my espionage novel ‘COAST: An Act Of Burial‘ is progressing steadily.  I’ve heard many authors say that it’s difficult […]

Dear friends, yesterday my mum died.  She was 87. It’s not book or espionage-related news, but I wanted to squirt out a few words in memoriam, as it were.  Just to remember and celebrate her life, you know?  This is the only forum I really have, so I might as well make use of it. […]

It’s been a little while since I last posted on here and I feel a bit bad about that.  Sorry!  But the good news is that I’ve been very busy with all things ‘booky’, and that includes both selling the first espionage novel and writing the second one. Well, I say writing, but actually ‘planning’ […]

At perhaps twelve years old, a classmate of mine decided that he was going to be a writer.  His first attempt, if memory serves, was about a rather intelligent parrot called Albert, who was found on the top deck of a bus.  (Who knows?  Perhaps Albert the parrot became incredibly famous in the intervening nearly […]

Last week, the missers and I got new ‘phones. Since then, we should technically have lost a load of weight through exertion due to the steepness of the learning curve.  These are the latest Android ‘phones, with all the bells, whistles and gadgets one might expect of such technologically advanced devices.  Mine even receives satellite […]